Purpose- UBU

There is no reason to be what you are not.  Put simply, you can’t.  You were born an original, don’t die a copy (thanks, John Mason).  This is something we must come to terms with as individuals and as a business.  There can never be another you.  Nobody matches your DNA.  Not in life and not in business.

It is evident when a person you know is trying to twist into something they are not.  “It’s too bad,” we say when we see family straying the way of others.  “If only they could see what I see, they would appreciate their self.”  These people have a very difficult time being good at anything because they never figure out who they are.   Like it or not, we were designed for a purpose.  Your DNA determines ALOT of what you can do well.  And you can do what you do better if you understand your design.

This works in business too.  Most companies are “Me-too” companies.  They aren’t trying to do anything original, just be the best copy.   Walgreens is making money at a location, so here comes CVS.  Here’s an idea: you be you.  The same for your business.  Identity crisis is a killer of business, and even worse, of purpose.  Here are my humble suggestions to tapping in to the power of what you already have and raising your life and business to a whole new level.

Determine your DNA

Figure out what you LOVE doing in your company.  What makes you (the leader)tick? What do you do the BEST?  Where do you excel when others prefer to shy away?  What are some things that others in your field handle that you would prefer not to?  Do you or your employess have any untapped gifts that could be used?  Figure out how to use them.  The main thing is passion.  What are you passionate about.  Make that the center of everything you do.

Write a Mission Statement

Your mission statement should be fueled by passion, and directed by your corporate identity.   Make it personal.  Memorialize it.  Revisit it.  Review it.  And when needed, re-vamp it.

Develop Your Value

Throw yourself completely into your identity.  Let passion fuel you to seek out more knowledge.   Play on your strengths, and seperate your business from the pack.  Make a slogan out of it.  You don’t have to badmouth others anymore because your aren’t competing to see who’s the best copy.  You’re not just a plumber, your the BEST plumber, always clean, and always on time.  What you say, people will believe, so long as you back it up with actions.

Broadcast Your Song

It’s one thing to sing your song, which is what you are doing above.  You’ve hit warp-speed when other sing it for you.  You have got to get customers who will validate to others that you are who you say you are.  Ask everyone.  If they used you, they probably like you and would like to help you.  Ask if you can get them on film recommending you, or if you can quote an email from them for a testimonial.  If you’re the best, people appreciate you and will let others know.
Why waste another day in the image of another company?  Figure out who you are and start building.  The sooner, the better.  It will make for more money, and more smiles in the process!  Remember these three letters:  UBU.